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Welcome Game Freakz to
Lord Vader's Games

Welcome to Game Freaks. I love gaming, and so I've created this site to share my love and passion with you. Here you'll find reviews, codes and cheats, a discuss about my favorite game, and just about everything game-related that you can think of. See that picture of Darth Vader, that is cool, the third movie was awsome, I will talk about Star Wars later in this website, hope you will find this website useful because I worked on it for 10 days straight, enjoy.

On this website, I might talk about how I originally got into gaming and why I enjoy it so much. I might also list some of my favorite games, so you get an idea where I'm coming from, and here is an example, to the right is one of my favorite games, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

I hope you like this site and find some good information on it. Please get in touch with any comments and suggestions on my guestbook, before I am done here is a cool trailer of Resident Evil 4. Enjoy. Vader, out!

Resident Evil 4 Trailer

Call of Duty!
It is time for WAR!


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